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Fuoriclasse - BCC Roma

Project Type: Digital Event
Client: BCC Roma
Dates: 8th – 9th June 2021
N. Participants: over 1,500 employees

For the annual Staff Convention, BCC Roma organized its first digital event aimed at making a year-end assessment and rewarding the agencies that achieved the best results.

Designed as a TV format and conducted by the journalist Mia Ceran, the event revolved around the idea of ‘Fuoriclasse’ (star players) to which the Top Management of the Bank made their important contribution with the speeches of the President Francesco Liberati and the General Manager Roberto Gandolfo. In addition, two well-known Italian comedians, Marco Marzocca and Emanuela Aureli, attended with a dedicated performance, while the pandemic was mentioned through a cartoon created by the author and cartoonist Francesco Guarnaccia.

In its Digital Edition, the Convention was a pre-recorded streaming broadcast on a fully branded platform with reserved admission only for the BCCs. A small audience of about 25 guests was admitted to watch the recording in the studio, in compliance with coronavirus guidelines.

Special attention was paid to the pre-event engagement activity and the award ceremonies which have always represented ‘an event within the event’ in the past Conventions.


Services provided

  • Project management of the Digital Event (engagement, event and follow-up)
  • Identification of the creative concept
  • One hour-long television script
  • Cartoon: script, art direction and production
  • Study and set up of the virtual set
  • Design adaptations of all communication materials
  • Remote connectivity for external guests
  • Technical tests


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