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Incentive Travel

Not Beyond the Solar System

Incentive Travel

Space travel isn’t easy. Efficient logistics and quick transfers aren’t enough, participants need to be motivated and rewarded with a dream: this is our specialty

Our incentive trip planning includes logistics, communication and entertainment. We design original team building to share emotions and experiences, give a sense of group belonging, motivate growth and strengthen company bonding.

Discover our Incentive services

  • Designing and implementing the complete incentive plan
  • Pinpointing premium destinations
  • Choosing the best logistical solutions
  • Combining culture, play, nature, gourmet dining, leisure, shopping
  • Entertaining and team building
  • Promotional items and merchandising for travel and prize catalogs
  • Arranging and guaranteeing communication before, during and after the trip


Make a Wish


Seeing a shooting star is always an amazing thrill. But this natural spectacle is no everyday experience. The same applies to our events. Let them be either physical or virtual, they are always exciting, surprising and engaging. They don’t fall from the sky but are the result of careful strategy and communication.

We establish a direct, personal, emotional contact with guests, whether the formula of the event is in-person or remote. We support our client companies throughout every step of the project creating together an incredible night of shooting stars.

Discover our Events services

  • Strategy, concepts and creativity for formats and events (virtual, in-person or phygital)
  • Meetings, congresses, conferences and conventions
  • Logistic services
  • Brand or product launches and outlet openings
  • Tours and road shows
  • Research and selection of host, moderators and testimonials
  • Virtual and in-person entertainment
  • Audio, video and set-up services

Digital Life

A galaxy to explore

Digital Life

Virtual technology is the scenario where everything can happen and become a compelling story to tell. From the first login on a web-based platform to the next level on a mobile app, users play their personal digital game and test themselves in an adventure free of space and time constraints.

We think up and implement innovative digital projects that create a strong emotional tie with the target (employees, dealers, team members) to create an immersive, memorable journey  towards a visual and interconnected communication experience.

Discover our Digital services

  • Web based platforms and mobile apps for events, training and incentive programs
  • Customized social networks for communication and internal competitions
  • Motivational and professional growth programs online
  • Storytelling and gamification projects
  • Interactive team building to stimulate and improve interpersonal skills and achieve goals


We make it so special


The more we immerse ourselves in the digital universe, the stronger we feel the need to keep our feet on the ground. We have learned that the key to emotional excitement is to explore new cultures and new destinations because they deliver a huge value in return and they transform the lens through which we observe the world.

Our added value lies in the skillful, dynamic network we have spent years building, and a list of specialized suppliers we can now call ‘partners in crime’. Nothing is taken for granted because every hundred meters the Earth is different.

Discover our Experience services

  • Analysis of clients’ personal needs in order to identify the most suitable destination
  • Creating a tailor-made luxury experience
  • Choosing the best logistical solutions to/from Italy among all the countries of the world
  • Combining culture, nature, gourmet dining, leisure and shopping
  • Possibility of managing small groups of VIPs, decision makers, and stakeholders

Visit the Universe Experience website to learn more


A Constellation of Knowledge


In the universe you never stop learning because change is the fundamental law. So it’s essential to acquire new skills in the best and quickest way.

We plan and carry out preliminary activities on related areas and topics, respecting logistical needs, target features and any internal communication strategies. Our training programmes can take place at the company site or away from it, and we employ only high-profile instructors and distribute time and activity costs always in keeping with available budget limits.

Visit Univers’ Academy website

  • Analyzing business needs
  • Surveying training needs
  • Designing and planning training syllabus
  • Training implementation in remote or in-person formula
  • Managing and accounting for the training process
  • Supporting financed training

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