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Project type: Web Platform 
Client: Ford
Date: from February to September 2020
Number of participants: 600

For the 2020 edition of the FordClub Univers we designed a web-based platform around the theme “Alla ricerca del tempo perduto” (The Search for the Lost Time) involving Ford workshops’ network in a captivating training and engaging program. 
For 6 months different Indiana Jones-style games activated the engagement dynamics, while training was also provided across the games in order to convey and share the Company culture in a soft way.
The more the participants played and learned, the more they managed to collect points and rise in ranking. The best ones were rewarded with Amazon Vouchers spendable on travel experiences.

Services provided

  • Identification of the creative concept
  • Set up of an Indiana Jones-style web-based platform
  • Writing of the Prize Competion Regulations according to the ministerial procedures
  • Game processing, engagement activities and periodical updating of the training contents
  • Periodical newsletter with updates to all participants
  • Organizing secretariat  
  • Prize selection
  • Winners’ rewarding

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