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President's Club

Project type: Experience
Client: Canon 
Location: Catania (Sicily)
Date: September 2022
Number of participants: 24 

With "President's Club 2022," Canon Italy awarded its top 12 performers in the sales area.

The experience was designed to let the group discover the authenticity of the Catania area, but breaking out of the usual clichés. A picnic style lunch at the tropical fruit farm, a jeep excursion to Etna volcano on off-road trails, and the touring team building "Catania Express" were the out-of-the-box experiences that amazed the participants.

Services we provided

  • Seeking the best places and locations for dining  and lodging 
  • Guests transfers management 
  • Studying and developing trip communication 
  • Graphic creation and developing all print materials 
  • Excursions and tours planning 
  • Gala dinner with entertainment planning and management 
  • Organisational admin

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