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Live together

Project type: Events
Client: BCC Roma
Location: Fiera di Roma
Date: 14 May 2022
Number of partecipants: 1400

BCC Roma’s Employee Convention 2022 brought more than 800 guests together under the claim: "Insieme live" (Live together).

Just like a rock band reunion, after 2 years in a recording studio where everyone played their parts wearing headphones, the evening brought the stars back to the stage, from Top Management to award-winning employees.

Presented by Mia Ceran, DJ Lorenzo Rumi joined for the awards ceremony and Neri Marcorè & band played a concert before the gala dinner.

Services we provided

  • Convention creative concept
  • Scenography and location set-up
  • Production of walk-ins, emotional videos, intersections, animated presentations for the speakers, etc.
  • Visual creation and publication across all the planned communication channels
  • Entertainment proposals suitable for the event (DJ and concert)
  •  Organisational admin
  • Photography and video shooting (404)



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