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Fondo Est Christmas Party

Project type: Events
Client: Fondo Est
Location: Ex Magazzini, Rome
Date: 13 December 2019
Number of participants: 160 

“Il Natale ci unisce” (“Christmas unites us”) was the claim created for Fondo Est for their first Company Christmas Party.  160 guests (among employees, managers and collaborators of the Company) gathered in the marvelous space of Ex Magazzini in Rome. Thanks to the “Couple-Making Game”, each guest had to find the other half of his/her thematic badge with the shape of a Pandoro, Nativity Scene or Christmas Tree: an easy and funny way for a team building and for mixing up functions and departments of the Company. The comic show of Valerio Lundini and a Dj Set until night closed the evening with fun and serenity.

Services provided

  • Creative idea of the event and of the team building
  • Location scouting for the event
  • Study and production of the communication tools and gadgets (teaser, giveaway)
  • Printing of all communication material
  • Opening video
  • Pictures and video during the party
  • Project Management of the Live Event
  • Organizing secretariat
  • Entertainment proposals

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