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Spy-proof bunker

Project type: Events
Client: BAT - British American Tobacco
Destination: Rome, Athens and Madrid
Date: November 2019
N. of Partecipants: 30

Using an escape room as gameful training with employees is very effective. That’s why for BAT we developed a site-specific spy story named ‘A prova di Spia’ (Spy-proof bunker) to verify the internal knowledge of the Company Standards of Business Conduct. With a customized project, the three BAT branches in Rome, Athens and Madrid simultaneously played and thanks to a live video streaming competed against each other until a winner was declared.

BAT is victim of theft by a competitor, who stole the patent of a new flagship company product. The task of every team is to retrieve the patent before anyone else, secure it and then be able to get out of the room.

The three teams unleashed investigative skills worthy of Daniel Craig to solve the riddles of the spy story, answered questions about Standards of Business Conduct and cooperated with playmates to get out of the room!

Services provided

  • Script design and drafting, riddle creation
  • Game organization and purchase of customized materials
  • Graphic design and printing of all materials
  • Coordination with Rome, Madrid and Athens
  • Production of the final video

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