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Project Type: Events
Sponsor: LazioCrea/Regione Lazio
Location: WeGil, Roma
Date: 15/16/22th February and 1st march 2019
Production: Univers and Tamago
Artistic Direction: Edoardo Ferrario and Cecilia Attanasio
Web Site:
Artists: Luca Ravenna, Valerio Lundini, Francesco De Carlo, Saverio Raimondo

Co.Ro. – voci Comiche Romane was the first festival in Rome created to endorse the local best comedians Under 40.

Co.Ro. won first price in the Lazio Region Entertainment contest and gathered on the same stage some of the best comedians of the Roman scene: Luca Ravenna, Valerio Lundini, Francesco De Carlo and Saverio Raimondo with the artistic direction of Edoardo Ferrario and Cecilia Attanasio.

Two months later, Edoardo Ferrario became the first Italian stand-up comedian on Netflix, followed by De Carlo and Raimondo.

The Co.Ro. format consists of a Live show and a Post show with artists and special guests, combined with typical Roman street food served by Il Gianfornaio, a very well-known Roman brand.

The festival aims to become an annual event.

Services provided

  • Design and organization of the festival
  • Creation of the logo and coordinated image
  • Communication on social media, press office activities and creation and updating of the dedicated website
  • Study and realization, and set up of the location
  • Online and on-site ticketing service
  • PR with institutions and partners

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