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Cathegory: Engagement
Client: Ford
Date: from February to September 2020
Number of participants: 600

For the 2020 edition of the FordClub Univers proposed the theme “Alla ricerca del tempo perduto” (Search for Lost Time). The objective was that of giving a valid training and engagement program to Ford workshops’ network. Different Indiana Jones-style games activated the engagement dynamics that had lasted for 6 months, while training was included in the game platform in order to convey and share the Company culture in a soft way. By playing the game, the participants managed to collect points and the best ones were rewarded with Amazon Vouchers spendable on travel experiences.

Services offered:

  • Identification of the creative concept
  • Set up of an Indiana Jones-style platform
  • Managing of the ministerial procedures for the prize competition and layout of its rules
  • Game processing, engagement activities and periodical updating of the training contents
  • Periodical mailing of newsletter and updating to all participants
  • Organizing secretariat  
  • Prize selection
  • Winners’ rewarding

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