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The Universe
is always moving

Univers began exploring space in 1962 but it’s no outmoded spacecraft. Anything but! Thanks to a constant eye on market trends our firm has evolved from a travel agency to an open and dynamic multitasking service with interlinked business units and the knowhow to manage events, congresses and conventions, plan incentive trips and team-building, design and set up engagement projects and training programmes. All this by combining creative planning with logistical experience, always in the orbit of good communication.

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More than 50 years
at the speed of light


Univers started out in Rome with a Travel Department for the Capital’s professionals and an Incoming Department for foreign travelers.


Univers got to the Corporate level by arranging congresses and events and promoting its first Incentive campaigns.


A Company Department specialized in arranging Incentives, transforming the classic business trip into a unique, unrepeatable experience.


Arranging medical-scientific conferences and congresses became the backbone of our new company, an ECM Provider called Univers Formazione.


With our expanding international exchanges we needed a Department to work exclusively for our foreign targets, Incoming.


Engagement was our sales force answer to client requests for continuity on our most innovative projects.


Thanks to the skills developed in all these years and to the knowledge of the training needs of its corporate clients, Univers opens a new department, 'Education'.


Univers joined Rome’s and Latium’s Convention Bureau because the Capital was where the action was for congresses and international events.

Certificates and memberships

Univers is an Unindustria and Federturismo associate and member of Rome’s and Latium’s Convention Bureau, certified ISO 9001 (No.10054168).

Credentials and Partners

Univers is a IATA agent for travel services and a certified FormaTemp education provider for training programs. Since 2020 Univers has been authorized by Regione Lazio to provide Continuous Learning and Higher Education Programs through the use of public funds. Univers Formazione, certified ECM, is a partner for arranging conferences, congresses and training courses in the medical-scientific sector.


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