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Medieval Tournament

Project type: Team Building
Client: Bancassicurazioni - Groupama Assicurazioni
Location: Visegrád, Hungary
Date: September 2017
Number of participants: 20

“Competing while having fun”: this was the spirit of the medieval fantasy theme tournament organized by Groupama Bancassicurazioni at an undoubtedly charming location: the Visegrád fortress near Budapest. The participants, divided into teams, competed in different medieval skills and challenges (archery, catapult shooting, nail hammering, etc.) competing for the honor and glory of their noble lineage, up to the proclamation of the winners by the very hand of a King and Queen!

Services provided

  • Study and concept of a team building best suited to the preset objectives
  • Seeking the most suitable location for team building
  • Planning and implementing the awards event and related prizes
  • Arranging transfers
  • Arranging the Visegrád fortress visit with an Italian guide

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