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Safe Driving

Project type: Education
Client: Snaitech - SNAI Group
Location: ACI-SARA Safe Driving Center in Vallelunga
Date: from March to November 2017 - various sessions
Number of participants: 35 (divided into classes of 7)

Safety is above all a steadiness made of awareness and self-control. Our courses developed for Snaitech of the SNAI Group focused on developing a skills set for driving but, in metaphorical terms, for work too: gauging speed and distance, predicting braking distance and corner curves so as not to go off the road, even in unforeseen circumstances. In a word, training one’s ability to react to obstacles.

Services provided

  • Project study and concept best suited to the preset objectives
  • Seeking location
  • Selecting the best instructors
  • Arranging training course logistics and participant transfers

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