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Groupama France- Rome 2018

Project Type: Incoming
Client: Groupama France
Location: Sina Bernini Bristol
Date: June 2018
Number of Participants: 68

AAM, Association des Assureurs Mutualistes, has chosen Rome for the association's Annual Convention and, with the support of Groupama France, the General Managers and Executives of the French insurance associations have been invited to take part in the event. The meeting took place in the strategic location of the Sina Bernini Bristol, in the heart of the city, starting point for the panoramic tour of Rome and for the gala dinner held in the breathtaking Villa Medici. With an eye on the objectives discussed in the convention and another on the panoramic view of Piazza Barberini, the event was a success.

Services provided

  • Organisation offices
  • Online registration of the participants and dedicated site
  • Seeking dining destinations
  • Arranging guest transfers
  • Organization of private city tours with french speaking guides

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